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How did they break?

What happened to your yellow elastomers on your Proflex?
went hard
crumbled away
dripped all over bike

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Fantastic Utah trails at Deer Valley Park Welcome to Rapid Descent Scotland; a small mountain bike company based in Stirling, Scotland.

We used to sell Proflex and K2 parts (1997 to 2010) but now are concentrating on local trails and actually getting out riding! This website continues to keep all the old documentation for our customers and now serves as a trail advocacy blog.

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Posted by: callum on 05/28/2012 10:19 AM
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we are closed
RDS is closing its online shop
Posted by: callum on 03/06/2010 08:56 PM
After 13 years selling K2 and Proflex aftermarket parts we have decided to call it a day. The online shop has been closed and all orders have now been sent out.

5 remaining COR springs will be sold on eBay on June 1st, 2010. Search for "Proflex COR springs".

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